Anyone have a telescope or telescope experience??
I want to buy one for my gf’s birthday coming up…she loves space and always mentions telescopes.

i have done the usual internet searching…maybe people have personal experience…they’re usually valuable.

I have had a Celestron (forgot model) for about a decade. It was a pretty decent model, but not computerised. I had a quick look and it seems that computerized (ones that find stars, planets automatically with a small motor in the unit) are the norm now.
A reflector scope is the way to go as opposed to a refractor.

I really don’t know what you need to spend, but 10 years ago mine was about $600.
It was pretty good, I could easily see Saturn and its rings, polar caps on Mars and the moons of Jupiter etc.
Such a cool hobby, and pretty impressive when you see these things with your own eyes.

I guess it’s like buying a bike, spend some money, do some research and it should be fine.

Wow this is very cool and has piqued my interest.

I used to be real into space as a kid. Still am, but much less so. Gave up on telescopes many years ago, and all my parents could afford was something that could look at the moon a bit better. :frowning:

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It should be said, that while you can see cool stuff, it is not like the amazing photos that Hubble deliver!

Yeah, but Hubble’s cost heaps. better off starting with a cheap off-the-rack one, and then if you like it, you can just upgrade later.


I’d just go straight ahead and buy a Hubble. Saves spending more $ later on.

does anyone know any custom telescope builders in the north east us?

(also thanks daniel)

I just brought one for my GF’s birthday for similar reasons,- it went down a treat. We went to the observatory at Lake Tepako in NZ - some of the best dark skies in the world.

This is the one i brought Celestron PowerSeeker 114EQ Reflector Telescope - On Sale Now!

We haven’t had a chance to take it somewhere super dark, but what we can see of the moon form Royal Park is pretty amazing.

Don’t they say a good pair of binoculars/monocular will be just as good

Get the clip in stand for your scope, it changes the whole feel and gives you a more solid and reliable base.

cheers nurbs. that’s great to hear (also only $100 here delivered!).

also oratchio…do they?? i’m not against this idea … could be used for bird watching also (she likes birds…but we’ve never done that before).

I’ve tried with both, binoculars give a good overview of the moon and shows the sea etc in a bit of detail, but the telescope, with just the standard lens shows a lot of detail of crater edges - especially in the early phases when the shadows are quite long. It can be quite blinding by the time it gets to 3/4 full.

No worries - sounds like we might have the same GF!

If you didn’t get one with it, then you can buy some filters for the lense, pretty cheap and are well worth it.

you’re an architect too yeah? must be a thing…

and yep^ looks like filter sets are $20 and you get a few different lenses too.

can’t wait to get out of the city and use it myself when it comes time.

Are you going to the NAHTS?

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Yeah, it’s lost focus.

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