Television viewing for Friday night

I’m not sure how many of you read the polo thread on here? This weekend we’ve got the polo Nationals here in Brisbane. Lots of forum members will be in town for the event and it is shaping up to be a great one.

Being shameless media whores Gypsy and I have agreed to the 7pm project from Channel 10 to come out and do their thing tomorrow (Friday) night. I would maybe consider (within reason given that my mum will be watching) the possibility of dropping in a few particular phrases, any suggestions?

Apparently we’ll be on at around 7:20pm for those playing at home. Anyone in Brisbane is encouraged to come down to the courts at around 6:30pm to get their faces on the tele, and have a hit with us.

“Inject yourself”

^ yes yes!!!

-Fixie bro
-sickk skidzz
-white power

tell them all the cool kids are riding recumbents now-a-days.

say something about brakeless fixed gears giving a zen like connection with the road

I’m guessing that will be part of the Metro ‘whip-around’ that they do on Friday nights? I think you should incorporate as many FOA usernames into your comments as possible.

potato, apples, cock
industrie fixie

You should talk about some crazy guy called ‘Rolly’ for a bit. Also, wear a t-shirt that says ‘Rolly’.

You have to drop at least one of these.

Nobr akes.

hahaha wtf?

you should definitely do this

edit - something to do with the “fixed gear fungus”/colourways/barspinzzzzzzzzz/aerojokes etc etc

$100 if the consecutive words “I had sex with spirito” go live to air

pm me your paypal account and I’ll send it as soon as I see/hear it on the telly :wink:

We all play synth.

I’m torn - should I come over to the courts or watch it at home???

comon brad - you live close enough to try to get your mug on the telly and then scoot home to suss it out

Please respond to a question with “Post a pic of your latest purchase”.

But the potato / apples / cock is a great idea.

Or just mention my music thread.

respond to all questions with ‘use the search function’


Especially if you say peeps rock a potato



“cross is the new fixed”

I’ll match spiritos $100 for that!