Television viewing for Friday night

I think these ones are a given:
inject yourself

I’ll see how many FOA user names I can fit in as well and I will donate $10 to charity for every one that I manage to drop in.

3 pages and no “Get a new bike”?

you asshole, i just fell over laughing and looked like a total fool.
if this happens my life will be complete.

also please use this quote
“The fixed gear community is largely intertwined with the likes of window smashing anarchists and vegan extremists” - Anti fixed gear manifesto

that kinda goes without saying for polo… either you get one when you start, or you need one very soon :wink:

Might i also suggest - ‘we all hail the mighty brendan’ or ‘i’ll need to consult professor blakey on that one’.

In all honesty if you do nothing else but mention prawza’s journey to get to the champs i’ll be happy (especially if you use the joke that he couldnt afford to fly so he rode, via NZ - as used elsewhere)

“bike polo is the new roller derby” <- fucken dare ya, you’ll be up to your ears in angry “bi-curious” helmeted mouthguarded womenfolk in no time

^no one would utter those words at an audible volume in West End

i’ll always have fond memories of that gif…

f k n l o l

Not one potato?!?!?!

nope. but i lol’d at the dude in sydney.

cabramatta you racists HAHA funny cause its true…

Kid scripted the whole thing on me. I was like a rabbit in the headlights godammit! They were going to mention team names like: The Majestic Pink Shafts, Dumpster Babies and Donkey Punch. Apparently their legal department told them no, so they had to PG the whole thing. Still looked good with all the guys rolling around in the background though.

who was the guy that rode through with the pink mallet between his legs?? hahaha

Jordy from team - Majestic Pink Shafts

“Did you make those shirts yourself?”

“Oh yeah I potatoed these earlier today”

“Yeah it’s coming off a bit there. Wait. Did you just?”

An amusing surprise seeing you guys on TV last night - Nice!

Oh god just watched it - Jordy you rock!

I’m in tears from laughing so much. Well done.