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I saw that but I was wondering what the deal with the stem is? I’ve never seen a Cinelli stem with that underslung design (like a Titan, almost, or some of the Phillipe track stems). It’d be great to see a close-up of the stamp on the top. From those pictures it does look like the Cinelli Milano stamp.

If it is indeed a Cinelli stem, I think it would be a very rare variant.

Anyone seen one before?

Well, I just saw the enlarged pictures, and it def says “Cinelli Milano”. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone buys it. It is a beautiful stem - if money were no object, I’d consider it.

Me too. At worst, it’d take a year … maybe two to sell it back for what you paid for it. At best … it could be genuine “unobtanium” but I haven’t as yet been able to find reference for a stem of this type.

Very interesting indeed.

So it looks to be an in-between model … older style stem from the Cinellli Firenze era with a later style Cinelli Milano stamp.

Below blog entry from Angel Garcia shows pics of a stem unearthed by that original coolio™ Matteo
Cinelli Only: Cinelli Firenze Stem

I think the thread title should now be changed to “Tell 'im he’s crazy (for selling)”. Going by other recent sales the stem alone should be worth
the starting price.

After actually looking at the stem closely, I realise that this shit is a lot rarer than I initially thought.