Ten days in lycra.

Ten Days in Lycra - Broadsheet Melbourne

With photos by our very own Andy “Rooster” Rogers / Fame and Spear.

Cool story bro, and great pics.

That story wasn’t as terrible as I was expecting after reading the first couple of paragraphs.

in the box … :stuck_out_tongue:

The author can write quite well. There’s a Vice story of his about losing his mobile which pretty good.

TC: I am friends with him.

If the first part about bike-fitting was at Steve Hogg it would be on astrologyweekly.com.au instead of broadsheet.

…but there would be more magnets.

Disclaimer: this is a not a real site :frowning:

Astrology Weekly - astrology articles and information updated weekly

Because the sun spirits and moon orbits do not correlate with the Virgo-radius, there is no Australian specific Astrology Weekly.

Good article and nice pics, even the first one with old mate on the front checking his phone.

Max is such a nice dude. Really enjoyed the article he did for Broadsheet (print). Was super impressed with how he did on the trip Managed two 150km days back to back with a fair amount of climbing and didn’t even complain once. Which isn’t too bad considering before the trip he’d ridden all of 100kms.

Also, I should say none of those ‘bike fit’ photos are mine.

Also also, “old mate” Cycling Tips Wade was always on his phone getting photos for his story on the trip. I don’t think I got many shots of him without his phone the whole weekend.

Another skater turned lycra fan :wink:

good dude…

I wish someone who could really write would do a review of a Hogg bike fit. That would be downright amazing.

anyone care to sponsor xbbx? maybe get a photog crew on board also.

Does he even ride bikes anymore? I heard he quit.

TC: Max got me into fixies.

Sorry, we can’t find the page you were looking for.

Article pulled? Was halfway through it last night and went to finish reading today

edit: ah, mobilism

Works fine for me on the non-mobile site.