Terms used to define colour.

It seems that many users of the fixed.org.au have recently felt the need to express their disdain at the use of the a certain well known term in relation to the colour-schemes used on fixed gear bicycles.

i am in no way defending the use of this term, and am personally not sure if this is an appropriate term when applied to bicycles, but thought that the following information may be of interest to some users of the forum.

The term is used in reference to an object that is an assemblage of multiple parts that often differ in colour from each other.

Whilst it is a term most commonly related to Sneakers (as mentioned elsewhere in this forum) is is certainly not a word exclusively intended for that particular class of object.

The term is certainly traditionally a word found in relation to fabric related goods, and most surely has origins in the world of ‘fashion’ but for a number of years it has been applied to many non fabric related goods such as toys and BMX bicycles, so it’s use in relation to fixed gear bicycles, especially by those whom have seen it as one of the identifying terms applied to most consumer items that have purchased in their lifetimes, is no great surprise at all.

Whilst the phrase “i like the colours you have chosen” may appear to be a more ‘correct’ way in which to comment to some, it would seem that usage of the word under question is still ‘correct’ in terms of modern linguistics, not that it is ‘proper’ English, as it is an American word.

It was also suggested elsewhere in this forum that the word in question could be substituted with the word ‘cock’.
i am by no means opposed to this substitution myself (i even think it’s not a bad idea) though perhaps the phrase “i like the cock” may be misunderstood by non regular visitors to the forum and confusion may ensue.

Hahah, awesome!

You are pretty good at getting your nerd on. :lol:

Probably because i am a nerd.

It’s interesting that you mentioned the whole fabric thing too.

We are working on some graphics at the moment and also collaborating with an interior design studio. The word Colour/Colorway comes up a hell of a lot when meeting with them and going over different colour fabrics and carpets.

I am not in to the whole sneaker thing at all so I have no idea that it was such a common term in that field.

Collabo’s, colorways, graphics. Shit, EzyLee, you should start a fixed gear-specific component company. with this sort of madd synergy it’s sure to be a hit with the kids.

don’t let those interior designers near your computer but, they haven’t got a clue

Hells yeah…

You wanna jump on board in a partnership. Your creds are off the charts.



Thanks, I grew it myself…


and no, i’ve never used or heard the term COCK professionally, despite spending the best part of the last decade in the printing/graphics field.


I think ‘Colour.way’ is ok when referring to a frame, component or complete off the shelf stock bike…

But for a custom build I’d definately call it a ‘Colour Scheme’

I dont know why, it just kinda makes sense to me.

shithouse wordfilter haha

Well I just wrote a quick Greasemonkey script to change “COCK” back to colour-way, but it’s made all my pr0n sites virtually unusable.

the right call was made.
all you sneaker freaker fuckers can fuck off back to whatever sneaker freaker forum you hang out on, where you can talk about colourway all you like.

mmmm, colourway

let me just add: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley: for the sarcasm deficient.



defs, that was just the first prototype. i’m working on heaps more colorways these days :roll:

I knew we had too many admins.