Terrible Two's

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Get your tanty on!
After-party to celebrate my 20th


20… fuck i’m old. so, so old.

+1 :lol:

Aw, dont feel to old. I’m really young!

i’m kind of in the middle

right where you like it…

are you calling me the ‘meat’?

in age terms, yes. you are the meat and lewis and myself are the bread.

lewis is more like the tofu…

so i’m the prime cut of meat, and i have an old mouldy piece of bread on one side, and an uncooked doughey piece on the other?

hot damn!
where can i order this gourmet feast?

i resent being equated to a moldy old piece of bread. and prime cut? i’ll have to take your word for it.

reminder this is actually on this saturday!
its going to be amazing.

your gona get your self amazing drunk… and thats gona be funny…

i’m having x-rays for my hand on wednesday so don’t think i’m gonna be up for riding this.

you want help on a checkpoint or something ??

you’re supposed to change hands after 100 dirty
otherwise you get RSI

old joke, but still amusing :wink:

it was there for the taking

that doesn’t make it right…