The 2011 Giro d'Italia thread

thought there should be one. I’m excited for the first grand tour of the year.

Who’s your pick? Dark horse? Where will the drama be? What surprise would you like to see?

Nibali. Sastre to upstage Menchov. Stage 15 climbs. Contador to crack on mt Etna and Porte to take over Saxo lead (I did say like to see…)

I’m just disgusted that Contador (who I still believe is a cheating scumbag and who should be banned for at least a year) wass trying out a 34x32 gearing for the final climb. What kind a sissy is he, now that he can’t dope?

I asked a couple of people how many rider of the 207 starters they thought would finish, Mike Tomalaris said “not many”, inrng said 135 and Nic O’Donnell said 120 so high attrition rates after stage 12 will be the norm I would guess.

I’m going to put in a bid for Nibali, with a smokey of Di Luca.

day two, apparently.

Seems that way. Haven’t seen the footage yet, but Cav is pretty shity with the commissaires.

As for the Giro as a whole: I wanna see Contador get spanked, THEN get banned. No idea who will win, but would love for Porte to get up, and I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Gilbert…

Footage: YouTube - Giro '11 st. 2

Reverse the position and Cav would have been done for not holding his line and relegated to last place. Petacchi even said “When you see someone coming up you go looking for him and I moved a bit” proving that he doesn’t understand the rules. Angry now.

Thought Cav handled it pretty well afterwards all things considered. Spoke well afterwards, although it is hard to be mad when you are in pink.

Thank god for foxtel IQ.

it’s an italian race.

it’s a fixed as 6 day racing.

just enjoy it.

Petacchi was swerving all over the shop. Lucky he’s an Italian otherwise I reckon he’d have been stripped of the win.

From Cycling News:

The record books show that this was Petacchi’s 22nd Giro stage victory but he insisted this was his 27th win.

“They took five wins off me in 2007 (when he later tested positive for an excessive use of asthma medication). But I won them, so I count them.”

Um… how about no. When you’re found to be abusing a controlled substance you don’t get to rewrite the history books.

I don’t read his blog as much as I’d like, but BikeSnobs Giro wrap-ups are pretty good: Giro d’Italia Stage 2: Grate Racing in Parma | This Just In |

yeh i thought cav played it pretty cool… for cav. check out these mad bmx skillz

there have been much worse finishes than this that never made the media, storm in a teacup

it is good that at least the sprinters still hate each other (unlike the climbers who want to cuddle each other all the way to the summit)

It was exciting when they rode their bicycles very fast.

agreed. will be forgotten by the time they hit the mountains.

Mostly due to the fact that Cavendish will be far, far behind.

Man that crash looked terrible. Not sounding good at all. Hoping Wouter Weylandt pulls through.

Yes definitely. Rumours flying. Fingers crossed.

Not good news. Rai TV just reported that he died. The presenters there were all very upset.

RIP Wouter.

Sad news.
Everyone take care out there.