The 2012 Marathon Crash Race

wish i was there getting my hussle on…

things we do

id do horrible things to be there haha

can someone pls forward this video to the bikesnob?

Isn’t it just as easy to do it yourself rather than post a comment.

sent to the bikesnob


I didn’t have your email so sorry I couldn’t help.


Also, there’s talk of doing something similar to this before the next city to surf. Only without film crew.

I’m down. So down!

So sincere!

That Kony video seems whimsical and spontaneous compared to this.

The thing about being part of the film crew… is deciding if you can miss up the chance to ride on such an awesome event. Particularly if you’re going competitive

Why not this -> Blackmores Sydney Marathon | Sydney Running Festival - more of a challenge?

Also totes down if something like this goes on!

I’m surprized, thanks!

Your comments are very appreciated:)