The Age - fixed crazy.

The age just posted up just about everything they have on fixed gears. - weird. they seem to do this every months or so. someone’s a fan… :?

yeah, its on the front page at check who’s starring. even a few shots of his site in the vid, but no screenshots of :frowning: (or perhaps :slight_smile: )

The Age has at least one fixed gear related article a month I reckon…

At least they interviewed people that know what they’re talking about- remember the last interview 3 months ago with the d00d who ‘has been building his bike part by part for over 5 years…’ and ‘you feel at one with the bike maaaaaannnnn’ sort of BS.

it would be great if these articles focused more on riding and less on people building up ‘cool’ bikes.

jeez. I’m kinda sick of explaining how a fixed gear bike works - then having to listen while people become confused and slightly enraged over the ‘no brakes’ thing. Given that half my office spends most of the time on, this is only going to bring on more questions. :frowning:

beats trying the explain the Tour I guess…

Just stirring :wink:


There’s a much more serious matter on the AGE site today

“Dance Your Ass Off” has been AXED after only ONE airing!!!


Oh well, at least you’ve still got your day job, Captain.

Did anyone else notice the GEARED bike in the photos of the sweet “fixies”. I mean, it is lovely, but c’mon!

don’t hate the media, become the media.

It’s not even a bike shop, talk about disappointment :cry:

[right]just kidding, got a big wave, hi Andy! xoxo[/right]

I was kind of hanging out for the Australian version.

“Breaking a fixed-gear bike.” Good spelling.

lol squid so much win


Oh well, betting than getting caught coming out of Club X.

Squid is the godfather…