The Ants are in Town

Hey Sydney. We just flew in and are hanging out here until Monday. Mrs Ant is dictating social interaction for the most part, but I’ve bargained to have Sunday free to go to polo, and I am going to be going into town tomorrow to go to Red Eye Records and Sable and Argent. Is there anywhere else in that vicinity that is reachable on foot that is worth checking out?

Supply & Deus. All very walkable from where you are heading.

as gypsy said, deus on oxford st is close by.

definitely come down to polo on sunday. we will be at the alexandria court from 1/130. check out for court location. ill be riding over from near deus if youre up for it.


Sat morning, get down to Remy and Lees on Bourke st Surry Hills. We end up there after our ride, and there’s some sort of bikes/babes/bake sale thing going on.

The Ants and a bake sale? Timed my trip poorly didn’t I?

Breaking news: Ants attracted by bake sale!

Cool, thanks for the info. Going to probably make it to Remy and Lees tomorrow. Around what time do you guys think you’ll be done with your ride?

we’ll be done 9am at the very latest.

Looking forward to seeing you at polo! Have you got a bike here?

Nice weekend to visit Sydney!
I’d come and say hi at polo, but there’s a hillclimb race in Bondi happening at the same time, organised by the Sunday Sessions guys.

Too many low gears, not enough time.

Nice to meet you both.

Thanks for the hospitality Sydney, it’s been a great weekend! Polo was great today and it was great to meet a few of you at Remy and Lees yesterday as well. Ride hard and hopefully we’ll see a few of you up in Brissie soon.

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next time i promise vegan treats! wish i had known ahead of time! wonderful to meet you both though. take care :slight_smile: