the audax oppy.

i love you audax australia:

Audax Australia Cycling Club - Fleche Oppy All Day Trial

Holy crap, 600km / 24 hours.

That’s mad shit that’s what that is.

This has been discussed among the Sydney people. Discussion is as far as it’s gotten…
I would love to do this one day, but greatly question my ability to get fit enough in time for this year.

Holy shit, 1993: 770km!

32km/h average for 24 hours. They probably weren’t riding the whole time either so their average must have been closer to 35 I reckon. Damn that is impressive!

Ooooooh man this is awesome.

Fixed Oppy?

What Would Hubert Do?

wow, fuck… i was having daydreams about a fixed 24hr the other day.

A group of 15 us did 527k each in 24 hrs in March during the Murray to Moyne ride as a fund raiser - we had a compulsory stop at Hamilton for 3 hrs for sleep (and beers) and averaged about 28 k/hr. Route went from Echuca across the top of the state then down through Hamilton to finish at Pt Fairy.

These big rides are easily doable so long as you get in condition for them and have a good support crew and plenty of food provided along the way. No headwinds or rain and a decent saddle helps of course.


Depending upon how fast you go, I’ve found from personal experience that the knees get a bit tender after 150-200kms fixed…

Did you ride fixed on HTFU?

Edit: Check out 1993!

1993 - 770 km VIC
M Hastie, G Green, N Skewes, D McKean

Average of 32.08km/h

Dudes do RAAM, PBP etc. fixed. Oppy himself did a bunch of trans-australia stuff fixed (and on dirt!). A Fixed Oppy is certainly doable but you’d wanna have your fit dialled in perfect and a shitload of assos in the support car.

^ What’s the most you ever did fixed, Angry?

270km. ATBIAD 250 route (not on the day of the event) + rode to the start from home.

You mean you didn’t ride home?


I’ve ridden with Derek, superstrong, just rides away up hills while casually chatting to you. There was another fellow on that team who got dropped in the last hour. He was credited with 762 km.

The furthest I’ve ridden fixed is 600 km in 36 hr but have done 600 km in 24 on gears (time trial). Be absolutely sure that your position, gloves, saddle and knicks are comfortable. I’ve done 10 or 11 Oppy’s (or British equivalents) but never done one on fixed myself. A couple of my British Arrow teams include fixed riders though, generally around 430 kms completed.