The Basin etc

Took the roadie up that way (The Basin, Sassafras, Olinda, Monbulk etc) for the first time this morning, felt like a crack at some hills for a change. Man it’s nice up there on a morning like this morning - trees, birds, forest scents, relatively well-behaved drivers…and not a fucken triathlete in sight :smiley:

Highly recommended.


mmmmm forest scents


i would like to go down mountain hwy one day, would be a nice ride

ive done it geared a couple of times… always with more fixed wheels than ‘cheaters’.

chaz decided to race me one time and did very well hitting some of those bends at 45kph+

its really fun…

I did that a couple of weeks back and it is a cracking ride. The hill is long but not too steep so amateurs like me have relatively few problems getting up.

if i was to get a train out there to Belgrave or somewhere nearby is it still a decent enough ride? don’t think i’d have an ounce of energy left for hills after riding from carlton!! :frowning:

you could go up terrys avenue from the station… but that starts off with a 19% gradient lol

then to sassafras, then down the mountain hwy to boronia station

or boronia station-mtn hwy-the basin-sassafras-olinda-monbulk, turn around & come back (stop at the Basin for cake)

ooooh i love cake, probably why i wouldn’t cope riding there from the city!!! :evil:

thanks for the suggestions. i’ve put the suggestion to a mate of mine, waiting to hear back…