The best Kenevans ever built.

Well, not the best but its up there(probably top two). I could boast about this frame, but people would probably say I’m full of shit.
I’ve had it sitting around for 4 years. It’s been built up one way or another, but it’s never been complete without parts borrowed from something else. Old timers might remember it from Fyxomatosis. I got doored and my old frame was fucked, after an eternity the RACV came to the party and I managed to get Andy to part with it.

Campagnolo everything. Cinelli bar/stem(steel of course).

Like my Michalo roadie it’s been a labour of love and I’m super fucking stoked it’s finally(nearly) finished.

more pics you tease.

When I get my cranks back. It’s looking good though!

you better have put TJ’s brakes on this…

The Superbe Pros? This bike is all campy.

Buuuuuuump. Pics(thanks Blakey!!).

DUDE… drool

now thats a keeper…

PORN :-o

paintwork is stunning!

good lord.

Sweet build !

what do you know about keeping bikes?

Really nice Erle. :slight_smile:

Nice understated build with great attention to detail. That wheelset looks fantastic too!

Cinelli stem… what can I say? Aren’t they mega expensive ebay collector things these days?!

Can you chuck up a complete spec list for reference?

They are… but I got a god deal off a friend.

Cinelli #19 track bars
Cinelli badged stem
Campy Record Pista Headset
Campy Record Pista pedals
Campy Record Pista cranks
Campy Record Pista BB
Campy Record Pista rear hub
Campy NO Record Pista front hub
Rigida HLC2000 rims
Campy C Record seat post(will be replaced with Super when one comes up and I don’t have fines to pay)
Concor saddle

It’s a bit of a mix of Nuovo and Super Record, but I’m not too stressed.

Thanks for your kind words everyone!


shut up… i’d keep this bike if i owned it. i’m keeping the max twins, which i’ll post once they are finished and photographed.

sorry to hijack your thread Erle, this is a fucking beautiful Ken track, are you going to give it a go on the boards?

I’ve been thinking about it, I did a tryout day at Disc some months ago and enjoyed it, maybe I’ll come down again.

after a few weeks break, its back on this sunday at 8am, i’ll be there…