The big thread of Kenevans

Would be lucky to sell for $1K in current markets…

Alleged Kenevans roadie for a good price:

54 ss’d roadie with K Panto’s by the look of it:

Dents in the top tube, but low starting price and may not be too bad:

Needs some love:

Only putting this here because Ken built a few frames badged Sugoi:

Looks in good nick if it’s legit:

Looks like there is panto on fork

Front cable guide looks to be a clamp on, or just a convenient event number hanger?

Road frame with C-Rec headset:

Too small for me, but there’s gotta be some concern about cancer based on some of those pics. That paint is hiding a multitude of sins.

Might be worth a look:

Sitting in the Preston Woolies.


haha no way, i rode past the guy on the upfield bike path about 5 today!

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Ken frame in Collingwood:

Seller seems to think it’s legit. Take that ‘experts’.

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