The big thread of Kenevans

Relaxed seat tube?

awkward photo angle

WhatJase said. Very similar to mine: square K panto, lugs similar. Seat cluster different.

Small roadie in WA needs some love:

Price ‘negotiable’ always sounds too much to me.

58 track frame with some nice parts:

Probs Mal built Ken roadie in QLD:

Low starting bid.

Super tall Kenevans tourer:

I’m more interested in the Titanium Kenevans they mentioned.

Sounds like it’s fairy dust to me.

Probably this one.

^ Right, Campy Record Titanium, as opposed to frame material. $2900, surprised it didn’t sell…

Would be lucky to sell for $1K in current markets…

Alleged Kenevans roadie for a good price:

54 ss’d roadie with K Panto’s by the look of it:

Dents in the top tube, but low starting price and may not be too bad:

Needs some love:

Only putting this here because Ken built a few frames badged Sugoi: