The big thread of Kenevans

Front cable guide looks to be a clamp on, or just a convenient event number hanger?

Road frame with C-Rec headset:

Too small for me, but there’s gotta be some concern about cancer based on some of those pics. That paint is hiding a multitude of sins.

Might be worth a look:

Sitting in the Preston Woolies.


haha no way, i rode past the guy on the upfield bike path about 5 today!

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Ken frame in Collingwood:

Seller seems to think it’s legit. Take that ‘experts’.

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Not bad… Does everyone else’s eyeball measure tape think 55/56cm toptube?

Specs says it’s 54cm?

Ah ok, didn’t see that

Not bad:

This one too:

Ken track. Is the fork bent or is it just the angle? … 1241360059

Reckon its just that there is no headset, looks ok to me.

Yeah, looking on my laptop screen it appears to be fine.

Not a bad price for a frame that’s only a few years old.

So before Ken Evans started Kenevans, his frames were called Leggaro.

Someone buy this before I do:

roadie with track ends? hopefully clamp on DT shifter stops ?