The bmx thread

It has been too long, I’m creating a bmx thread.
I will use it to post any good web videos, bike checks or any other bmx related that is worthy.
I can also answer any questions that people may have, as I know there are some guys getting into bmx.
I would expect some people to contribute if they wanted to, this isn’t exclusive!

First up I’ll post the new Focalpoint The Package #6.

Dan Lacey is RIDICULOUS!!

This Dan Cox part came out in a video called Tomorrow We Work. After this part, I sprayed my bike battleship grey and bought a Vampire Weekend album. So many little cheeky details in this part that you might not notice the first watch.


Subscribed. Moccos what do you ride?

Is this a serious question?
See signature!

Copy that, question withdrawn.

Went for my first ride in a few months on monday, feels so good getting tricks back quickly!

Simone Barraco is one of the younger guys bringing out some crazy footage at the moment.
You can see a bikecheck here on the Shadow Conspiracy website.

This is a video that Nike filmed of Simone and Alex Kennedy in Israel. It really is ridiculous. (I will use the word ridiculous in this thread)
Alex Kennedy rides for Cult and is one of my favourite riders.
Nike - AK and Simone on Vimeo

Time for some promotion of the guys I ride with (who have skills above and beyond my own).

Marc Arnold for Colony BMX.
Daniel Johnson for Division Brand.
Cooper Brownlee for Colony BMX.

I don’t know much, but I know I love… Colt Fake.


You know a lot, i’ve seen your tweets.

I got into BMX ages ago til I had to sell up to buy my ticket to Australia… really wanted to get into flatland. Bought a GT Pro Performer and a KHE tricks video and watched it to death.

Always wanted a KHE Premium Lagger… do they still even make those.
Also used to watch the first Props “Road Fools” VHS about twice a day for a solid month.

After reading this thread possibly considering buying a new flatland bike, any good/cheap recomendations?

I don’t know much about Flatland. There is an Australian online store/blog called New Circle that might answer some of your questions.
There is also Flatland Fuel, which I’ve spent some time looking at because of freecoasters.

Serious question, is BMX something you can start easily as an adult? Have always wanted to give it a try, was never cool/game enough as a kid to start.

Bone and sprains take much longer to heal. I built up a 20" last year and found it so small.
Probably because I’ve lost a lot of flexibility over the years.
I’ve got a 26" race BMX which is much, much easier to ride but not really suit for park.
I’m running 24" on my polo bike and makes me think a 24" street/park bike would be good.

Model C « Sunday Bikes

I just got into BMX racing a couple of months ago. It isn’t the ‘cool’ type of bmx but christ it is fun. Coming from being a roadie it is a whole new world! I now need to grow some balls and learn how to jump - oh and manual - but that is more just me being uncoordinated rather than the size of my bollocks. Manualling is the one thing I have always wanted to master on a bike that I never have.

I guess I better post a vid…


Don’t worry, I’ve been riding bmx on and off for like 6 years now and am still useless at them.

I bought a BMX with the sole intention of learning how to mono. I still cannot mono. Consequently, my BMX is for sale.

After reading mocco’s breakdown of frame sizing and it’s relation to the ease in which one can wheelie I am now convinced that my BMX is not the right proportions for me to learn how to do them on. That is the only reason I can’t do them.

I need to get back on my BMX, broke my thumb snowboarding 4 months ago and still haven’t got back into it.

This is me. Love the Northcote bowl.

I also love the entire Mutiny team. Espesh Roey and Robby.