The BNE Hour Challenge

Taking inspiration from the Melb Hour lads, and from an in-depth discussion over a beer with InthePink and Blakey last night, its been decided (should we get the numbers) that we will have our own hour record attempt on the Chandler Velodrome early on a weekend (not decided yet).

So all you people that would like to see how far you can ride in 60 mins, please let me know. I need to see if its ‘worth’ hiring out the track for private use for an hour.

All ideas and suggestions welocome…like, how the hell are we going to record the distance by each person!

Oh, and one of us needs to ride further than the MELB lads… :roll:

Even if you have a passing interest, let me know…this will hopefully be an annnual event too. Beers/BBQ already noted.

Cheers, Rhino.

Roll-call - Confirmed

So blue
Rogaine JR tbc

Rhino’s Dad

I am there.

Evidence will be required.


Just count your own laps, it helps to distract from things like being in the drops for half an hour without moving your torso.

Never! Well, maybe just once because I need to do it again with a few less gear inches.

I am interested.
Is it track bikes only?
Or any fixxed??

You could ride on a non-track frame, but you might run the risk of hitting cranks on the banks.

Has to be fixxed. Would seem wrong any other way.

include me in the plans. good idea Rhino

i’m in … not for the record, just for the run around!!

What about Rogaine Jr?

I’m in too, will have to up the gearing and stick some drops on.

hehah “Let’s slow the pace down a biii…” Rogaine attacks! pow


hehah “Let’s slow the pace down a biii…” Rogaine attacks! pow


naah, that won’t happen, there’s no climbs.

Never! Well, maybe just once because I need to do it again with a few less gear inches.[/quote]

Oh yes, I am in, but agree with roguedub…could take a dry run or two to figure out gearing…anything from 69 - 99 GI is in the mix at the mo’

Sounds good to me!.. I suppose you’ll want to be doing those crazy 6, 12 and 24hr style races next… :smiley:

Sure, sounds like a bit of fun.


This Sunday I will be at the track at 3pm, to have a roll around and work out some gearing for the hour. It will be $4.50 to have a go, come and have a roll, payable at the swimming pool. Booking under RYAN or something.

If its rain, we don’t ride. The painted lines are dangerous in the wet…

The cost to hire out the 'drome for private use is $?? and I have made temp booking for Sunday 19th. Details will be discussed on Sunday…

I hope you mean Sunday at 3pm …not Saturday at 3pm???

Sunday according to the text I got from him earlier.

Well all the people who are not soft in Brisbane (Rhino, InthePink, TR) made it to the track this afternoon and had a great spin.


had wedding. sorry i missed it. what gearing are you guys going?