the BTS

So this was my first real fixie, and looking at it today kinda made me want to know more about it. And what better place for information than the old

My dad, working as the maintainance man for brunswick secondary, pulled a couple of these completes out from under one of the many sheds at the school. At first sight i though I had picked up something really special, but some things (slack geo, 27" rims, road bars etc…) had me wondering.

I was talking to an old feller down at ceres one day, and he reckons it was either a road training bike or just a very low end track bike. He reckons the wheels would have been used to ride to the veledrome, then have a set of tubs put on at the track, although no other wheel sets were found at the school.

The lugs are really quite intricate, with a spiking sort of design. I’ll be sure to post up some close up photos of them soon. My dad told me that the hand painted “BTS” decals stood for brunswick tech school, but i was wondering if these would have been their school track bikes? surely they would ride something a little more ‘track’ like.

The original saddle was a “freccia d’oro” piece of plastic, but i had an old selle italia on it when i took these photos.

Parts list:

Frame: Unknown 27" frame, hand painted BTS (brunswick tech school) decals
Fork: Unknown 27"
Hubs: Normandy fixed/free track hubs
Rims: Ambrosio 27" rims
Tyres: 27" gum walls
Crankset: 48 tooth cotter pin crap
Pedals: ‘olympic pista, made in spain’, with ATOS cages and some straps starting with A that tore really quickly
Chain: KMC
Sprocket: 18 tooth something, it has these nice cut outs on it.
Saddle: Freccia D’oro plastic
Seatpost: Sakae custom
Stem: Sakae custom
Bars: Sakae road champion

10 points to anyone that knows anything, 20 points to anyone that knows more.

What you have there mate, is a yellow bike.

glad someone figured it out lol. whatever it is it looks alright to me. good luck with your search!