The Bundy

hey folks. recently finished my first build with help from johnny (icecream).

Frame: Jim Bundy 55cm (~1990 from what i can tell)
Bars / Stem: Nitto Udon Bars, White Champ Grips, Cinelli Stem
Wheelset etc: Miche (originally fitted to Cinelli Bootleg Mystic Rat), Continental GP4000 tyres
Crankset: Sugino Mighty
Saddle / Seat Post: Concor Selle San Marco Supercorsa, Campag Record post
Pedals / Chain: All-City Cecil Pro Track, SRAM Chain
Brakes: Tektro TRP T925

hope you enjoy :smiley:

V nice :smiley:

nice work, looks great

first pic is very cool, did you take it?

Slick ride, I want to know about what camera/lens was used for that first shot

first pic taken by a friend (props to willy)… who happens to be a photographer :roll:

second pic I took at my work… not as nice i admit

both good shots.

i’m assuming you just photoshopped out whatever was propping it up…?

Taken with a canon 5dmk2 with a 17-40 @ 24mm with lights (brolli infront and a backlight)

nah, held the bike in position and jumped out of the shot each time a pic was taken… only got a few scratches on it when i didn’t catch it in time :wink:

haha now that you mention it i can just make out the cloud of dust where you were

that looks awesome

Thats a sexy lookin bike dude, nice work!

Looks great, and not just because of the photography!

really sorry to read about you and your bundy :frowning: … i cried a little reading your story. at least on the upside you can get pete to build you a nice xxxxl frame that fit you juuuuuust right :smiley:

I hope so… just waiting on the driver’s insurance details so I can get the process started.

woohoo new wall paper
now I can get rid of the Gipsy Ripped Shorts pic!! It’s been giving me blue balls anyway :wink:

Beautiful bike. My only criticism would be the flat bars. I hate them. But thats just personal preference. :lol:

Geebus talk about fucking timing Gyps :smiley:

Great shot. Now you’ve told us how you did it I can’t help but feel it’s about to fall over in the top shop.

this build changed my mind about flat bars :smiley:

Are you the guy that lives in my building? Or at least, the building I used to live in? Smith St?