the campionissmo

finally got all the parts in the one place and put it all toghter
now i just have to dial it in

jeez. imagine waking up in the morning and having to choose between the gold perkins or that. lucky bastard.

gonna dial in some straps?

I have a set of speedplay zeros for it… Just using the track pedals for test riding while I get the shifting right.

tha’ts a badass bike.


Looks great, well done.

You can’t go wrong with that era of Chorus- great value now.

Wow, beautiful bike, I really like what you’ve done there.
Those Vento wheels look really nice with it as well.

(Side note: I learnt the other day that the names of most Campy wheels come from the names of wind patterns in Africa and Europe: Bora, Khamsin, Vento, Scirocco, Zonda, Shamal, Eurus to name a few. You learn something new every day, right??)

+1 Didn’t know that thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard of the Atlanta 96 wind pattern.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

It’s good to have you back online erle… we missed you :evil:

Come and join the ‘old men drinking coffee and looking at people’ club with us Horatio.

We meet on weekends at a respectable hour.

There’s talk of dominos or scrabble too.

hmm that would be cause only LTD rims are named after Olympic games not the wheel sets that appear to be named after winds…

Haha, well played erle, you got me there! :wink:

You work the interesting facts, I work stupidity… I need more hobbies.

Nice build !

Your bars are the Paris-Roubaix 3ttts right? Do they have the cable guides built in?
My 90s Casati build is going to have an 08 Veloce set installed but ive got the feeling the bars im getting shipped are going to get chunky once the Ergo levers and tape is on…

yeA they are roubaix bars with the interal cables…
They have a bit to much forward sweep for my liking so I’m going to change em to the TDF 3ttt bars I have, the roubaix bars could be for sale…

i need to get a new digi cam… the iphone does not take nice pics…

While searching for pictures of drilled out campy cranks from the 70’s, I stumbled across this website. Not sure if you know of it (I didn’t), but it’s called Velo-Retro. Website dedicated to retro cycling stuff. Pictures, logos, brands etc. On the left hand navigation pane, I clicked on “Vintage Bike Catalogs”. Scrolling about 1/3 of the way down, I noticed something that you might be interested in: Fausto Coppi: The Campionissimo.
It’s a photocopy of an original booklet on Fausto Coppi, 64 pages, 21 photos. $10.

Anyway, thought you might be interested!

Beatifull Build. :smiley: