The Cashroll!!

It’s been up for a while but just caught this on Pinkbike. Faaaaaaaaaaaaark me Bary!!!

WTF is it… a 720 with a backflip in the middle. It is confusing the hell out of me.

the way I see it is a 180 then throw backflip 180 (flair) …

“2009 BMX creation called The Cashroll” aka this move from ~1994 called an ARS.

Are you seriously comparing BMX with “boogie boarding”?

God damn I wanna ride a wavehouse again…

meh, the air traffic controller will always be the classic “crazy” park trick for me.
It’s all about deadman street clips and tech shit nowadays.

I’m sure it’s very difficult and technical and all that, but it’s not a very nice looking trick.

bodyboarding, thank you very much.
jus’ sayin’ he didn’t “create” the move. obviously it requires different muscles to do it on a bike, but don’t change the fact it’s the same actual trick.

This is now the bmx appreciation thread. Someone change the title!!!








Some of the filming in this isn’t that great, but its a solid little video.


Need more tranny love


That Fiend video gets me every time. Ahhhhhh

Let’s play ‘spot moccos’!