the CO-BRA!

i remember having a massive boner for this when Andy had it up on fyxomatosis years ago.

Road Bike Columbas Cobra Single Speed | eBay


But seriously, nice ride. Wonder how high it’ll go.

Keep ya hands off I want this start track racing again.

first track bike i ever fell in lust with

The one on fyxo had chrome forks and different wheelset.

Anyone live nearby that locale for a pickup/boxing?

YOu fo shizzle cos i got second dibs if not!

Really? I must be getting old.

I remember it being a blue frame set and maybe a fellow named Lucas got it. Haven’t seen him in years.

Yep, unless there are two in Melbourne, this would have been Lucas’. I knew him through uni as we shared the same computer lab and occasionally he would bring it in and I would drool.

This looks too big to be the one Lucas had. I’ve got bid stealer on it. From the description this guy seems relaxed

aight reuben i’m staying clear of this one as much as i’d love it, but if you don’t start rocking up to track can you sell it to me??

EDIT: so hard not to pull the pin, last time someone else ‘dibs’d’ something on here they ended up cookin it and yeah wasn’t happy so I sure as hell hope you won it for a measley $318!!! what a steel…

Bugger, out bid by $5 oh well

^ $318…can’t help but think if the seller spelt Columbus right and mentioned it was a track bike he would have got a lot more.

…and if he put ‘fixie’, well, they could retire.

Dang what a bargain, I would love to know what the high bid was. My ebay decided it would be a good time for me to sign in again with 3 seconds left and not let me bid, i guess a good omen for the winner.

FUCKKKKK I was gonna put in $510!!!

that’s shit, no more dibs unless you gonna bid seriously

I dont think you were outbid by $5, its just that you were the second highest bidder and it was going up in $5 increments

The guy who won probably put in a bid of $509

they probably had $350 on it

I remember Lucas’ being a little too big for him, but the more I think the more it’s possible a second one showed up. I wonder where his is now?

I no longer care about track bikes and forums and eBay!

It was a lady selling it