The Copenhagen project

So as a new father I finally arrived at a family cycling option. Cargo bikes are the new fixed anyway, I can still be cool.

Going with the Larry vs Harry Bullitt but will be running my own show for parts.

Picked up frame today!

Something had to give, the fixed gear, still have some bits to get rid of:

Cheap parts prices updated

Also a free frame

Fuck yeah bullit’s! Keen to see how this goes, rad.

Nice! Always liked the bullits. Really wish I had a reason to get one.

I reviewed a Bullitt Clockwork a couple of years ago. It was an awesome thing. The steering felt bizarre at first, but it was surprisingly quick once rolling and extremely stable.

Wanted a cargo bike badly the other day when I saw a kid in the front of one with a blue heeler. Was v cute, but would also require me to invest in a child and dog, which is getting a bit expensive and impractical. Don’t have much need for the bike without the kid/dog though.

Sweeeeet! If you were in Brizzy we could swap bulk draft on river loops. Photo heavy build please :slight_smile:

How is the bluebird going? Question: what are those 4 little tube/hole things inside the bottom side rails. The deck board even has cut outs for them.

Very cool … look forward to seeing this built up !!

This for sure!
keen to see this thing come together

Good to see a build for one of these, I’ve often looked and wondered about cargo bikes. Cudos to you for not thinking the car was the only option, when you’ve just had a baby.


Build List:
Frame & Fork – Bullitt clockwork w internal hub dropouts
Rear wheel – Mavic xm 319 disc laced to alfine 8sp.
Front wheel – sun envy lite 20” (was very hard to find a BMX rim that matches width of the mavic rear) laced to surly ultra new (not many options around for a bolt axle disc hub with cartridge bearings)
Cockpit – 3t eryx pro risers, 3t arx pro stem, Magura mt4 brakes, oury grips, 3t dorico pro post, regal saddle. Matching, matching, matching
Drivetrain – Will prolly run a standard road double, use the inside and put a guard on the outer ring. 39-18 gearing
Other – FSA headsets included with frame
Cargo Box – will probably make one from marine ply

I’ve never ridden a cargo bike before and have no idea what your cruising speed will be but i’d suggest you gear the IGH so the input ratio is a comfortable cruising gear as direct drive (most efficient AFIK) is 5th . then you’ll have 4 lower gears and 3 higher.
i’m running my nexus commuter 43:20 (which is practically 39:18) and that gives me a nice cruising pace in 5th but top gear is 93" whihc sounds fairly outrageous for a cargo bike. :stuck_out_tongue:

Get one of this guys bash guards to matchy match the frame


Also, this project looks cool.

Bluebird is great thanx. As for those holes I’m not 100% but I recon they might be a fitting point for the factory side boards you can order?? War flags also a good option. Personally I have an old inner tube tied through both of them full time to use as straps. They work great as they strech blah blah but especially for holding down the boys bag on kindy trips

Great frame, cant wait to see the built! Am always thinking of a cargo but I just dont need one. Totally in love with the idea of it though.


Nonsense! You take beer places don’t you.

Wheel stuff

How many speeds is the Alfine?

8 speed. The cost jump to 11 leads to another slippery slope to di2 Alfine nirvana

Should’ve run it fixed.

Bakfiet skidsss.