The Curve of DEATH!

just thought i’d get ya scared for the next DISC outing :slight_smile:


:frowning: damn you - i’m going to vomit

that’s horrible

ok the vomit is probably from that 4th double espresso - but it still is horrible :wink:

eek, i was going to say: next time i will put on all crash related text and videos a ‘not suitable for NDF’ clause… glad it was the espresso and not the video inducing vomit though.

i have a terrible feeling yer not gonna sleep tonight!


hehe no need for the warning, uppercase “DEATH” should be enough for anyone :slight_smile: ahaha. The way that guy flopped limply down the track is spooky :confused:

yes no speel or fort with brim ok.

um… no sleep no no sleep no no sleep no …

UNLUCKY…why the hell did I watch that!!