The Dirty Dozen.

This looks like a whole heap of fun! I’m thinking of attending. Anyone else thinking of giving this a go?

Group ride: The Dirty Dozen (all welcome) | The Climbing Cyclist

haha, oh my god. It’s kinda tempting! CX bike only though, if I did this on standard gearing I’d be dead or walking.

I hear there’s a prize if anyone completes it fixed.

I’d put $10 on Generic Hipster beating 90% of the roadies.


I’m wondering if I’ll get told to go home if I turn up on a brakeless track bike…

only one way to find out…

Guess I’ll turn up then, toying with the idea of putting a bigger cog on though.

I have a long reach brake, cable and lever you can borrow if your fork’s drilled generic hipster? It may not fit the rim but at least it’ll look legit.

Appreciate the offer but neither my frame or fork is drilled for brakes. I’ll just do the climbs then descend last behind everyone else, no doubt they’ll be much faster coasting down than myself trying not to spin out/skidding.

Also it’d be good to get a few more guys/gals from here doing this, I only know of one other person who is keen.

So I asked about doing this on a track bike and pretty much got politely asked not to turn up on one, a bit disappointed but understand why others may say it’s dangerous. Might just have to do it SS or double brake fixed.

If you have brakes on I can’t see there being an issue (except for generic, hipster hating reasons.)

Brakeless, fair enough, they have everyone’s safety in mind, regardless of actual/perceived rider skill.


^^ I see what you did there and I like it.



Bonus points for anyone who decides to use a fixie or a single speed bike

Ride organiser:

For sure. Even more bonus points if that fixed gear isn’t a 34×28

ha, I was certain you were the original asker of the fixed gear question on that site. Was it the other Matt?

Yeah I posted twice first time using Matt and second time I used my full name (Matthias), not sure why.

Anyway I’m thinking about doing it on my heavy commuter, Fuji track (fixed) with two brakes. 39x16 is what I’m running on it right now and I might just leave it at that.

I’ll go back and do it on my brakeless bike some other time solo, unless anyone else wants to give it a crack. Posthaze?

Good on the organisers for mapping this out. Will probably do the course with our own crew in our own time.

Registering my interest for a FoA version of this ride…not really sure if I could do some of those climbs 42/16!

I fully support this idea! According to the climbing cyclist 42x16 would maybe see you walking some parts, not like it is a race though. Regroup at the top of climbs and descend together.