The Disk Brake Thread

Ive been burnt by Elixirs in the past, never again sram (even though they have redesigned them)

I’ll be switching to Xtr on all my bikes eventually!!!

going between xt and xtr all the time there’s a big difference I’ve noticed, especially if you like to go fast down hills that can throw unexpected objects at you.


What are the big differences between xt and xtr aside from crabon?

I don’t think I go fast enough to stretch any brakes really. My 785s have had one pad change and zero bleeds since installation 18 months ago. They definitely stop me fast enough, are quiet. Downside is they never helped me learn to work on them because they never need it.
The BB7s I have on fargo, once set up well, are awesome and stop just as well, maybe with a little more force needed on the lever, though.

For me, modulation is king, crash-toughness is second, outright power third. Even my old juicys were good at modulation. Next brakes will be new XT or some saints, for second priority.

I will purchase knowing that all brakes will stop me well enough.

Oh, and (previous gen) XT vs XTR, all I could feel was a lack of start friction on the XTR lever compared to the XT. Didn’t know about the lack of pad slop on the XTR… it is kind of a bugger when you first run the XTs/SLXs, always thinking your headset is loose cos “something is clicking at when I stop at lights, yo!”

Same, I just want reliable brakes

Once you get 3 bikes with disc brakes I can’t be bothered dealing with bleeding, rubbing etc also pad retraction on most (older avids) is crap, hard to stop rubbing, in really muddy conditions avid wear pads really fast.

yep. Have Sram on all my bikes so I can chop and change easily. 1:1 works for me.

Ok. your loss.

I understand what Horatio is saying, early Avids scarred alot of us to anything SRAM. Having said that, I keep hearing good things regarding the Guides.
Has anybody tried the Zee 4 pot brakes?