The Durrie Buster


I’m gonna go into the city tomorrow morning and chain smoke like a mofo till this bloke slaps the sh!t outa me. Then i’m gonna hug the sh$t outa him. I haven’t even watched it with the sound on yet but my stomach is sore from giggles n lolz.


Top shelf. When he slaps that dude in the park and then arse pumps him as he runs away, I’m crying.

people think this is funny?
some dipshit slapping people and dancing to a horrible song??

what could be funnier?

Fk yeah!!! for once Skrillex made something better…

thats shirts walking past him on the left at 0:08 seconds right?

Haha yeah it is!! Shit! now he’s Durrie Buster famous!

great skit. clap clap.

I’m gonna put a suit together and call myself the Fattie Buster! Go around slapping fat people on the belly, good thing is they wont be able to catch me.

What, don’t judge me, it’s another health choice that people make…

If people are allowed to pollute the delicious clean city air I breathe every day with their cigarette smoke it’s only fair that we’re allowed to slap them every once in a while. Also I fart in lifts that have people that stink of smoke. (True confession)

couldn’t agree more

I’m sorry but if someone smokes, I judge them. Actually, I’m not sorry at all.

Also, this video is hilarious. I would buy the Durrie Buster a beer.

holy shit n8! haha that’s his “weekend uniform”

how could you not find that shit funny. best bloody bit of hilarity this year

haha yeah i remember seeing that dude in wondering wtf was going on. black jeans n tee is my friday office thing

Holy shit shirts, that great spotting

having a durrie while i walked down the mall was my morning ritual when i worked in the city… find the whole deal pretty disgusting these days though

I miss my durries…