The FIXED 100 2/12/2006

In case people aren’t looking at the front page, the Melb Sat fixie riders are having a special ride on the first Sat of December.

Route isn’t planned yet and if anyone has any ideas, you can suggest them here. Preferably, most of the ride should be car-free.

As with all our rides, everyone is welcome to join in.


I think we should base it around a Westerfolds ride with an extra 30kms or so to make up the 100.

I’ll get some maps together and we can work it out from there. Might as well make it a car-free/trail ride.

there is also the federation trail for something different:

Dunno if Werribe is as classy a destination as Warrandyte - i guess that one may require some mass debate.

100 laps of the velodrome?

You spelt masturbate wrong.


No seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing for while.