The Gefsco ...

… has been off for re-chrome and a paint job!

Geoff Scott 753; 56 X 56, or something near that; sweet twin crown fork;
Gatorskins on Razors on Phils;
Phil BB; Sugino cranks; Campy 47T chainwheel;
Kool chain; Phil 20T polished cog;
Brooks B17; Campy post;
Technomic stem; Sushi bars

Nice ride!!

Nice, nice, nice Rogaine.

  • drilled chainring!

Is that a flat white or a pearl/candy?

I wish Nitto made a std quill length Technomic stem… I can’t stump for a Pearl, but the Technomic is a nice thing at a nice price.

Many years ago a certain gentleman (no names will be mentioned) took his Geoff Scott (Clamont) with SLX tubing to a bike shop for a bottom bracket replacement, the mechanic decided to check the frame, hang on the tubing has no rifling! Said gentleman returned to clarence st cyclery and demanded a refund and promptly recieved one but also kept the frame, clamont/clarence st never knew what Geoff was doing until then. I’m not saying it isn’t 753, you just never know with Geoff…

Interesting. My Clamont workbike has the remnants of a Columbus tubing sticker. I wondered what it was but the middle bit is missing.

Nice Pete.
Will you and it be out tomorrow morning??

Expect so!

Ummm … this is a bit more complex. It was originally stickered “Hand made by P Blom”! Been into Clarence St and tried to contact Geoff and Paul without success in unravelling. With no understanding of the incest in the Sydney frame building scene I am crediting it to Geoff as the stamping on the chainstays. No serial number or other ID. Likely 753 - tube sizing and has the right sort of “ring”, a bit flat on 531!

Pearl white with the smoky blue/grey … original was the creamy pearl.

The stem is bottommed out!

I went for the N65 Crystal…it costs more , but it is a thing of unrivalled beauty

How about some repro decals Rogaine?

given the somewhat dubious parentage … and I dont mind it without … planning to run it “bare” for the moment anyway. I have, courtesy of “marley”, a couple of Geoff’s “Olympic” decals and used them to get a stencil cut of the GEFSCO name style that I wacked on the downtube for fun but will leave it off for the while … you got a cupboard full??

Ha, no.

I do have a few Kenevans repro decal seconds though! :wink: