The Goat on Friday

The Mountain Goat Brewery in North st Richmond opens a bar on Friday arvo at 5pm. The first one is free if you ride your bike there. (A pot of the Hightail or Steam Ale)

Probably the best beer in Melbourne. Don’t agree? Then turn up, have a taste and tell me that I’m wrong.

I’m going there now.

Good idea! I can’t come tonight but maybe this can replace brewery rides until P!N20 can sneak away on weekends again… :wink:

It’s always a guaranteed good night at Mountain Goat - didn’t know about the first beer bike thing.

Don’t forget Moon Dog is just a short stumble away, too.

Really need to do another city Brewery Ride - Mountain Goat, Two Birds, Moon Dog, Temple…

^Think 3 Ravens do beers on Friday evenings too.

Temple are doing a Roubaix night on Sunday.

Well, I went. All on my little lonesome. But the beer was good. Just in case you didn’t know, you can push your bike right in and park it inside. No wukkin furries.

Yeah we did 3 Ravens with Portland Hotel and Mountain Goat back in the day. It’s more of a cellar door with samples, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Really want to get out to Kooinda at Rosanna, their pale ale rules.

only just saw this as was workin.

might have more luck on a Wednesday when they’re also open?

I was meant to go about a month ago but got sick. thankfully I cancelled in the arvo as I was puking my lungs up by 9pm…