The happy endings thread.

Not about wristies unfortunately, but a guy at work had his bike pinched a few weeks back (a Jamis Dragon) and today he got a call from the cops saying a bike matching his had been pawned at the Craigieburn cashies and it turned out to be his. I generally don’t have much time for cops, but its worth keeping some sort of proof of purchase and the serial number of your bike and make a police report if it gets stolen. Or you might be wasting your time.

As an aside, the dude at the cashies was kind of a dick about it.

Same thing happened to my old housemate, her tiny MTB tourer was stolen from the tennis last year, someone ‘joy-rode’ it up to Preston (probably ruined their knees), dumped it in an alley, some nice citizen took it to the police and as she had put in a report and had registered her bike she got it back.

Then to celebrate she gave it an overhaul!

I found Tate’s hat.

Did you give it back?

yep, he did…even washed it for me beforehand.

^ I used fabric softener, too.

was it in k o’s hat dungeon?

might’ve been on the road near k o’s place, but don’t think it made it to her dungeon/carvery…

it was lucky

Wasn’t far away, actually. Surprised she didn’t sniff it out.

how do you all know where i live??!!