The Hat Thread

Hey everyone, what’s your opinions on hats?
What do you wear? What would you like to wear?

I haven’t really worn hats since I had a thing for cowboy hats a few years ago. I wore a driving cap a while ago for a costume, I liked it, I might buy a kangol one some time when I have some more play-money.

But yeah, HATS!

Also, Ke$ha doesn’t like them, apparently.

I love hats, got a big box full of them.

Love this brand:

Hats - Men’s - Products | BRIXTON Apparel, Headwear, & Accessories

Got about 4 pairs of this type:

Even wore a hat on my wedding day.

Kangol FTW in Winter. Nice and woolie and warm but I’m as bald as a badger so works for me!

99% of the time I wear a $2 beanie from Dimmys. Planning on knitting myself one once I finish all of the other orders. Otherwise it’s a Vans trucker. Not a big fan of dressy hats, I tend to only wear them to keep warm or keep the sun out of my eyes.

Go Dons!!

i wear a beanie when it’s cold. that’s about it.

I have a really well worn Dr Pepper baseball cap that I wear much of the time I choose to hat up. Its been worked to the perfect shape and brim curvature. Its like an old friend. There’s two others on rotation now pending its imminent death through fabric fatigue. A Williams F1/Mark Webber cap (yes, I admit to that), and one I had custom printed.

Oh, and wearing these makes you look like a dick:

^ Agreed, how to make yourself look like a 12 year old.


I used to where baseball caps everywhere, now I rarely wear anything other than a helmet. Except in winter I have one of those wide headband things that wraps over your ears but doesn’t make your helmet sit up like a mushroom, it rules.

Those brixton hooligans are boss. Might get one.

I find it difficult to leave the house without either a beanie, kangol, cap or some sort of head apparel. That, a nice looking tee and a good pair of sneakers can make a person.

I have few five panel caps I wear (Supreme, Huf, Cadence and The Quiet Life) because I’m hipster and I wear a cycling cap pretty much everyday.

I don’t really own any other hats.

I want one of these though.

minimal hat wearer. but when i do

summer =

winter =

I love my five panel caps

when james wears his beanie he looks like he’s about to try out for alice in chains

Alice in Chains go alright.

I like wearing caps and beanies.
My favourites are a classic 5950, and Creature also make some nice snapbacks and truckers.
(good excuse to go through FB Photos of hat wearing)

I have worn a hat daily for nearly 15 years. ITs now a habit i cant get out of. Bumming. usually baseball hats.