The haters have spoken.....

Track bike are lame:

By the way, the email war has begun. My inbox is about to cop a hammering.

I don’t get it??!

Why would anyone care to be bothered enough to send emails? You’ll be fine guy. If you get tired, I can answer your emails for you :wink:

Nope they wouldn’t have, except that I just sent him a friendly little note. No love lost, all in good fun.

Track bikes are lame, unless they’re on the track.
By the same token, they’re not track bikes unless they’re on the track. Probably.

I’ve said it once today, wanted to say it on a couple of other occasions as well

So here it is again…


Hard question to answer. If you never use a camera phone to take pictures, does it mean that it’s not a camera phone?

I feel that if a bike has the potential to be ridden in a proper tack racing environment, then it’s a track bike. Whether it gets used for it’s intended purpose is another matter. In the end it’s just a term used to classify a type of bicycle. No point in getting hung up over a term.


i just tend to refer to my fixed street bike as my ‘fixie’ and my bike to ride on the track as my ‘track bike’

i guess that irons out any ‘ethical’ dilemmas people bring upon themselves? to tell you the truth, i dont really give a rats, but it is good value to have a debate over! haha

Correct. When I used my road conversion on the track it was a track bike. It has since been converted to my fixie commuter. I know have a “real” track bike to use on the track.

Fixed wheel on the track = Track bike
Fixed wheel on the road/anywhere not track = Fixie

In Japan everyone says pisto bike. Track or street. If it came from Keirin its a pisuto, whether it has risers or drops.