The Honshu Hustle

Well after a few months of getting stuff sorted, I’m heading off on Friday to Japan to ride from Oma on the northern tip of Honshu (the main island) to Tokyo.
Approx 1000km in 9 days, and I’ll be camping the whole way (might grab a hotel half way for a treat)

The whole trip was a bit spur of the moment but everything seems to have come together; made a steel fork and stem, plus some frame mods for my road bike to turn it into an allroader that takes 30mm tyres.
Repaint in metallic blue with buttloads of silver NJS flake.
Sourced some brilliant Bike Bag Dude bags, a K-Lite dyno light and camping gear

Here is everything packed up ready to roll, I also have a BO Gear Spare Camel which has the rest of my junk

I should have internet access so I’ll post photos and stuff here

Packing list:

Bicycle cycle
SPD shoes
Civvy shoes
Rear flashy light
kit x 2
leg warmers
waterproof/warm jacket
lots ‘o’ socks
Torch and USB charger
Chargers for devices (plus USB charger run off dyno)
Back up battery pack
bike lock + key
Bivvy bag
Sleeping mat
(pillow is stuff sack filled with clothes)
Rinko bag (needed for taking bike on the train)
3L hydration bladder
Camping stove, pot and spork
Bike tools:
3 spare tubes and heaps of patches
Spare chain and chain breaker
S&S tool
Bike multitool
Leatherman multitool
zip ties
electrical tape
spoke wrench
spare bolts

Need: travel towel, stove gas, soap, some method for making fire

Maybe: hip flask

nice one.

will you get blown all over the place by crosswinds…?


Top serious question: why the decision for frame bags rather than panniers? The whole frame bag/bikepacking thing I always thought was more for offroad kind of riding, for clearance etc.

IMHO: for riding singletrack or on a bike where you can’t put panniers (squishybiek) etc, they serve a purpose. sometimes they’re lighter than rack&pannier, but not always.

If you’re on road / anything rideable on a non MTB, they make less sense.

I like a small framebag (revelate, jandd), holds tent poles or some other gubbins and doesn’t create a sail / block your bottle mounts, and a randobarbag, then add either a) buttrocketbag for lightweight things and short trips or b) lowriders for longer trips. Those little feed bags (TT or stem-bar) are handy for quick access to snacks / cameras / beer.

It means I don’t have to pack racks and panniers which have no chance of fitting in my S&S case!

Makes sense. My thinking was along Blakey’s lines, but fitting in the travel case trumps all that I suppose.

legit point.

Can you fit all your baggage / bag contents in the case with the bike? (assuming spare camel +1 other as carry on)

Almost everything when I fold stuff up! Luckily my Mum is also coming over for a textile course, so I get a bit of overflow in her luggage

Having seen the new paint in the flesh, it simply looks awesome. Gliiiiiiter!!

You’re gonna have a blast. Spur of the moment are often the best choices. Good on you!

Mansolwota and I did the Canberra equivalent of Beach Rd with Keith and the whole setup on Sunday. He got some looks smashing past MAMILS.
I made the ‘sail’ comment when I first saw the frame bag a few weeks ago but it doesn’t seem to be too bad

Have fun, Keith. Looking forward to photos!

Updated first post with a packing list.

Any suggestions FoA hive mind?

Undoubtedly I have forgotten something crucial


Just added flask to maybe pile, wont have problems getting good whisky over there!

Head torch? Camping soap?

Oh yeah, I have a torch, and buying soap over there

Torch? Some kind of lighting implement when not riding

Edit - was beaten to it

Ditch the deodorant, GET BACK TO NATURE, MAN!