The Hour Record

The results!

Top effort lads!

Wish I could have been there.

What were you riding ndf - your ‘new’ fix? (I’m guessing you didn’t throw down 27 velodrome kays on the On-One. Or did you?)

He did and he wanted to keep riding afterward! I’m beginning to fear the pace of ndf on a track bike…

So the rev count for the legs is:

ndf: 5870
whatthekoon: 3415
Roguedubb: 6346

Good work!

Post gone as I am not smart.

Outsmarted by Blakey once again…he is my true nemisis…I will have my vengence…one day…

Nice try… But Gear inches are not roll out distances, but equivalent wheel size for 1:1 gear ratio or, historically, the wheel size of an “ordinary” (i.e Penny farthing) bicycle to achieve the same roll out.

So…Rhino’s calc’s are close, but no cigar… You need to divide each of Rhino’s results by Pi (3.14159 approx) to get pedal revs… Resulting in …

NDF - 18454/3.14159 = 5874

Roguedub - 12516/3.14159 = 3894

Whatthekoon - 16753/3.14159 = 5333



I approached it differently, worked out meters development and then totaldist/mdev = revs. But somewhere in there I didn’t carry the right calc through, only getting nath’s right, it did strike me that the numbers looked a bit iffy wrt gear" and distance covered compared between nath and koon.

Good effort Boy’s

when’s the next go…

I’m keen to roll out the “Sunday best” bike

(how about 2 weeks time…)


Can you tell I need a Farleigh fix? The only problem is we still haven’t converted you to the one true pedal: eggbeaters.

I’ll distract him while you fit your spare set on his bike.


I’ve only got a spare right, but that’ll do.

Wait, new crazy bike idea: two people, one bike!
(eg., one person on each pedal)

Is there still a spare end cap for me?

Is there still a spare end cap for me?[/quote]

Do you want a whole bearing service kit?

I only used one side to service my pedals. Still have the other.

Maybe a trade? I need a saddle :slight_smile:


Aye, will bring it Wednesday (assuming that I manage to turn up).