The indignity of bad concerts

Went to see Megadeth and Slayer at festival hall last night.
Never though i would say this, but Slayer were fucking awful. Tom lost his voice and got randoms to sing instead. It was like a bad dream.
Gigs which one is looking forward to, but then turn out to be bad, are so disapointing.

yeah my friend went to that one, and he was also disappointed. what can you do if you loose your voice though?

oh for sure, all sympathy for tom, but they didn’t play very well either. I wish they had postponed it, though obviously easier said than done.

i heard the opposite. imagine if you were one of those randoms! it would’ve been the best fucking show of your life.

What??? Awesome for that person maaaaybe, shite for the other 1000’s of people at a bad karaoke show.

how were megadeth? i really liked that last single.

they were decent. i just dont like mustaine and i was distracted by being about to see slayer…a sad irony.
that being said, i lost my shit when they played holy wars.

Megadeth in Brisbane were extremely good. Slayer played about 6 good songs and just failed. Luckily I saw them from outside Riverstage sitting on my bike :sunglasses:

Sounds like Slayers part was more like a local hardcore punk gig. Fun - but not when you’re paying $80 or so to see them…

hmmm they must be off form
i saw them in 2007 and i was totally blown away by their performance…

i would’ve been pissed off… thank god i didn’t go!

heard it’s just megadeth playing an extended set in adelaide :\

i saw em in sydney and i though slayer were a bit rough…

i’m a pretty big megadeth fan

but i think that slayer were showed up a fair bit by the much tighter and slicker show that megadeth did…

Which is unfortunate because normally slayer would blow megadeth outta the water. I thought megadeth were decent but pretty constrained.

That does suck about Slayer, but at least there’s a reason. I saw Malcolm Middleton last time he came out and his show at the corner was bad, but actually offensive because he wasn’t making any sort of effort.

He walked on stage, sat down and said “ok, does anyone have anything they’d like to hear?” he’d start playing the request, stop because he couldn’t remember the words, sigh, look at his watch and then just sit there until someone yelled out another of his songs he might remember. Bang on the hour he was off stage…

sucks, they were good the last tour.
i saw a great gig on saturday nite. Melt Banana at the forum were sweet. i hung around for the band after and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that a cover band of a band i’d never heard of were actually fucking amazing!

a couple of my friends also said the mix (for both bands) was fairly shit too

although megadeth apparently stopped and got it fixed mid-set…

there was not enough volume at sydneys gig that was my big issue

megadeths last song ‘holy war’ droping in to Mechanix in the middle was all time!

slayer opening with rain in blood was pretty fucken sick too.

beyonce was a let down for me