the 'JP' rumour

Right, I heard from a friend of a friend that occasional poster "JP’ just completed the Australian Ironman, and now has a dream of doing his next ironman using his FIXIE for the ride…that is BRILLAINT!!!

JP, can you confirm? Where and when?

Nice one! Up there with O’Grady

So did that fixie Willie help Stuey?

I think he came 4th or something… but the kudos flowed extreme.

What a pussy, he has both a front a rear brake, obviously didn’t read this forum on how to skid…

Seriously, that is awesome…stuey is one great rider, I had the pleasue to see him compete on the track and he is very smooth.

Those backwards Zero Grav’s (?) look rad eh?

Would you try a threesome in the back of a Commodore, with a box of Cadbury chocoloate body sauce?

Of course Spuddy…

Melbourne hiphop, you wouldnt understand… :lol:

dont worry spud, you’re lyrics havent been lost on me.

nice tune that -


ha! wow, never thought i’d see my name in lights here :slight_smile: … yep, thats my plan… thats what the sidi track shoes are for… thought the vans might get a bit achey after 150km or so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: its dead flat in busselton so one gear should be enough. considering getting a flip flop hubbed wheel built to take a couple o gears in case its windy as hell. i’m also trying to stay commited to no aero bars, nitto moustache with champ keirin grips dake! i know its prob boring as hell many, but i hope to be in melb by july and will be hittin some big rides on the weekends, and all are encouraged to join. til then, anyone in the can is also welcome to join on sat morns :slight_smile: i figure if theres a special category for CEOs, one day there might be a special fixed category too.

oh and the where and when… Ironman WA this december, in busselton.


Let me know when your riding in melbourne