The Kambah Massive

So there are a few Kambah rats out there… I was riding to the shops last night and I think I may have nearly bowled one of you over near Urambi Primary School. If that was you, sorry… it was dark, I couldn’t see you. Sorry I couldn’t stop, I was in a bit of a rush.

Anyway, post your pics of your bike so we know what whips we are looking for!


I don’t have a pic on my comp, but a black on black Surly, with white Rubino’s (as of tonight from a tyre change). Flat bars, soon to be probably risers. Black deep v’s. will try put a pic up tonight actually!

Gotta go for a cruise soon!


I usually ride all over the shop, but a lot around the ovals going full tilt etc.,2783.15.html

it’s the black surly from iwearmoccos - just got different bars and thats about the only change

Sorry if I put this thread in the wrong spot. I thought I actually put it in the Other section in Meets?

You did, but it doesn’t look like you’re meeting anyone anywhere.

Ah cool, all good… thought I was going crazy.

So where in Kambah would be good for you lot? We could even start a bit of a polo session down near the Burns Club Ovals (there is an ashphalt surface there that would be sweet for it)

Running outta day light savings though…

That would actually probably be a perfect spot hey! Although i’ve never played polo, but could give it a crack!

hipsta pista

def keen for kambah rides! 2902

Sweet sweet… aim for next week some time as this week is a write off for me.

Any ideas for a meeting spot in Central Kambah (Wherever the centre of Kambah is?)

PS. Do any of you guys ride along Athlon Drive near Greenway? I always see a dude track standing at the lights or riding along the road.

i ride there all the time to catch a bus to uni.

maybe kambah village?

Could be you, do you trackstand like a champion?

Kambah Village could be a goer. Any ideas for a bike route? Could go either way… up to Woden, or down south to Tharwa?

i do not trackstand like a champion :oops: ha ha

I’ll be coming down a bit later in the year to watch Tuggies play, so Saturday / Sunday day rides would suit me, too.

No probs, will keep it in mind… what sport are you talking about? Rugby>

This is sounding like a lot of fun - i’d be curious for a Tharwa ride as i never get down that far - but up to you guys also!

soccer, their home ground is the enclosed / fenced field at kambah two, near the cricket nets.

Yep, I know the one… has a baseball field next to it.

anybody keen for a ride monday…been a public holiday?

Sorry bud, was away for the long weekend!