The Kamikaze

First post, I thought this would be the best place to introduce myself and my bike. I have just moved to Melbourne from Perth last month. Never see any fixies up in Frankston which makes me sad. I’ve got no idea what frame i have but i bought it off some dude in Freo back in Perth.

Might see me riding up Chapel st during the week usually around 8am and 6pm. Or around Frankston / Mt. Elisa ways on weekends. I’d like to get into some group rides and start meeting some other fixed crazy people.

Oops on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Oops 2 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

^ Hope you got your bike down from that tree.

What is the name on the frame, a Pussell?

Yeah, it says Pussell, Although i’m not too sure if it was Russell, it kind of looks like the R has been turned into a P, but then again, it doesn’t. In any event, I think I need to get rid of it… Pussell doesn’t sound very nice.

nice bikes and nice shots, what camera are you using?

Thanks, I’m using a Nikon D5000 with an AF-S 50mm 1.4G prime lens.

Your nickname is so hilarious. Hahaha. Made me laugh for 5 seconds.

Yeah theres not to many riding fixed down Frankston way.
Im down on the Penninsula and there are none in my area.
Nice bike. Where abouts in Perth were you? I was living in Mandurah for a couple of years.

I used to live in South Perth, only a 10 minute ride to work in the mornings… I’m really missing the commute times. an hour on the train (or car) in the morning and afternoon isn’t very fun.

Yeah the commute gets old fast. Will be much better once Im permanently in the city.
Might see ya riding around man.

nice bike. i live in carrum which is close by and i think there is another guy who i see at the train station with his bike. not sure if it is fixed or SS though. Don’t know if he is on the forum though

doesn’t mr dylan live out that way?

Your photos remind me of post hurricane or flood environments with car bodies / other random shit stuck up high in trees!

If you’re looking for a group to join check out the Wednesday night ride, meets Fed Sq at 6.30pm, which you should be able to make if you’re leaving Chapel St at 6.

I can drive down to Franga with the bike in the back, come for a roll with you one day man.
It’ll be sweet.
Also, bike looks ace.

it seems like the “fixies in trees” thing is getting way more intense… it’s like an arms race, “i’ll put my bike higher in a tree than yours!”

pics do look nice though

(oh yeah, there is some kind of weekly group ride on thursday night in the city… but meh)

Also, Narre Warren and Frankston are about 30km from each other.
Not as far as it is to Melbs, but not like a 25minute roll into Dandenong.

This bike got broken back in November last year when I ran into a tram track and my mate crashed into my bike, flew over the handlebars and broke his collar bone in two places.

I actually took this shot twenty minutes before it happened.

what happened to the bike? frame damage, wheel damage? and bummer dude

Hey sorry im pip, Melburnn (Fixie rider), what happened to you, are you okay? Whats the front wheel BTW? is it sturdy???
ummm, let us knnow if you wannnna ride soon.


love the bike, clean and simple.

front wheel is an aerospoke btw pip.