the knife of my forefathers

have any of you heard the story of the indestructable knife?
a tribesman is talk ing to his son and says to him “this is the indestructable knife of your forefathers. over the years we have had to replace the handle, and sometimes the pommell, and occasionally the crossguard, and a few times the blade, but this knife is indestructable!”
which brings us to the ugly purple fixxie…
i bought a green track bike, swapped the fork out for a nice tange straight, and fitted flat bars to it and went to work riding it for a month.

then i had to buy some parts for it. i bought some nice wheels with miche primo hubs, and mavic cxp rims. i bought some good profile air wing bars. i had to get some cranks so i found a set of ultegra ones. and a new seat. usual stuff that happens to a messenger bike when someone my size is riding it.

then i snapped the frame.
so i got a new frame for my fixed. and put all my old stuff on it.
and so i present to you the knife of my forefathers. it’s the same bike i’ve been riding all year. no really it is…

if you look very carefully you will see that the pedals and the seat bag have remained from the first photo to the last. and i particularly like the ghettofabulous bottle lugs i put on on thursday so i’d have a bottle for the ride from hell on saturday.
at this rate i’ll be able to leave this bike to someone in my will…

I saw this chained up in the city last week and wondered who’s it was.

I subscribe to the different frame = different bike school of thought.

I rode the same MTB between 1993 and 2003, 4 sets of forks, 5 rear deraileurs, 7-8-9-single speed, 3 wheel sets.
Sometimes I still ride the “same bike” I bought in 93 (SS pub bike).