The long white cloud.

A while ago a few pro skaters thought of a skate trip with a difference. They would ride bikes as they went in New Zealand.
The video about it has just been released in parts on vimeo. After beeing on a tonne of skate tours i can understand how hard skateboarding would be after riding a bike for hours and then having to shoot photos or film. Either way, love it or hate it , its a good watch. Bikes and skateboarding. Perfect.

this was premiered at radio a few years back with the ever-friendly morgs campbell manning the bar.

note the melbourne skater cameos :wink:

fact: there was supposed to be a follow-up the next year in the czech republic/eastern europe or southern spain but i dont think they ever got it together.

Silas! Cairo! Kenny!

pffft… haslam, mcrank, sauder! (but yes the rest are awesome)

Thread resurrection (was going to post this in the Skateboarding thread but thought I’d do a search first).

Skateboarding, bikes, now that’s good spondee.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

you know what sucks the most about this…
dont believe everything you see…

Ohhhhh. Joey has dirt.

Full film.


pfffttt… Mavi Murphy