the Massachusetts project

got a very exciting box today

uncut fork…

custom painted frame in med with… seat clamp, rear hanger, cable adjusters and bottom cable guide :wink:

gunning for a sub 6kg build
thanks to wiggle sending my bb30 cups to some one else’s address no building until i get new cups from the fair city of Melbourne tomorrow…

We have the same taste (or lack thereof) in furnishings :wink:

touché good sir

Shit, If I got Crabon it would be a Parlee… Very good taste in bikes good sir

don’t mind the eastern bars and stem they are not staying, just holding the forks on :smiley:

Have you put a rough price on this sub 6kg build? Interested to see the parts list on this one.

i have 90% of the parts on my CDA so the only new parts are an extralite OS stem ( when they come back into stock ), a set of BB30 cups, and a new seat post.

i worked out the ebay and other places i know where to get things cheap and the replacement build price with all new stuff is less than 10 but more than 5…

here is the parts list things with a * have been weighed for real!
( it’s been a long 8 week wait for the frame set :wink: )

Frame inc hanger, cable guide,
cable adjusters and seat post clamp 863g *
Fork uncut 314g *
cane creek internal carbon headset 68.6g *
SR 11 cranks. 640g
SR 11 shifters 346g *
SR 11 rear 'railer with extralite jockeys 170g
SR 11 front 'railer 34.5clamp on. 82g
Record 11 chain uncut. 240g
Campag 11 bb30 cups. 29g
Campag 11 cable set uncut. 236g *
3t ergonova LTD 40cm bars. 178g
Neg G Ti brakes. 200g
Speedplay zero pedals + Ti axle upgrade 156g *
SLR kit carbona flow saddle stripped 106g *
New Ultimate post 350mm 156g *
Lizard skin race tape 50g
Head set spacers 2*3mm. 3g *
Extralite 90mm stem. 78g
Extralite top cap and bolt. 4g *
Extralite expander plug. 7g *
Extralite bottle cage bolts 2.3g *
Emporelli Dolomiti bottle cages *2. 27.7g *
Extralite hyperclincher SP wheel set
Inc SR 11-25 cassette, Foss tubes,
conti supersonic front,tape,
conti gp4000s rear. 1,884g *
Token bolt on skewers. 26g *
Grease, cable ends, misc 40 g

Total. 5.9066kg

This weight is with,chain , cables , forks and seat post uncut

90mm stem and 6mm of spacers?
PRO fail… :wink:

although i can see how running a shorter stem is a weight saver!

had the saddle clear coated by a frag

wow it looks mickey mouse!!!

happy with the 0.9g weight gain too…

sugarkne that is ucking impressive, but at the same time JKLP’s Cannondale is sub 6kg if not just off it and im sure it cost no wear near that much… not dissing though coz its going to be awesome obviously

whaT Part of ‘don’t mind the bars and stem’ doesn’t any one get??

there will be a lot of spacers for a week or so until i get the fit guy around to dial in the position
and i’ve always run 90mm stems on my bikes…
better than a too smaller frame and a 120mm stem…

this thing is worth a lot less than my friends 5.8kg r3sl
and it’s a ‘parlee’ not a cannondale i really didn’t want something i can walk into half a dozen shops and just ride out the door…
nothing against the 'dale or any other bike like that but the parlee frame set floats my boat pretty hard so thats what i got…

i also sold a bunch of stuff and will sell the serotta frame so i’m not out of pocket much on the build any way…

hell i have no mortgage, children or a wife so why the fuck not… i got what i wanted and i’m pretty dam happy with that :smiley:

Everyone’s just jealous. I look forward to the next build pics!

i’m not jealous

Can we get a pie chart to represent that? I haven’t seen one for a while and the last one I missed and contained a lot of dated ideas… :wink:

This will be a very light bicycle.

dude im totes jealous, and i definitely agree on parlee bikes floating boats! i was just saying… well because i was/am jealous

I’m fitting some ax-lightness forks to my mates r3sl tonight…
I’ll sNap a couple of pics… That thing is crazy… He’s got an ax seatpost and brakes as well
But its only a few G’s lighter than my MUCH cheaper parlee :wink:
It’s a very hot and sorted little bike though…

ok, i’ll update to reflect your fascination with light road bikes - a departure from your fascination with “true” track geometry :slight_smile:

haha now thats totally what i’m talking about…