The need for a Brisbane fixed gear association?

Hey guy’s after getting back from ACMC this year ive notice the need for a brisbane fixed gear association. Just in the next 12 month’s we have Polo National’s and we have been offered to host ACMC 2011 as well. i feel there is a need for a Fixed association as we just dont have the numbers for a messenger assciation.

This wednesday night pre -polo im suggesting a open forum. There has been talk of some sort of association and many idea’s thrown around, so let’s get more people opinions and start doing something.

fuckin bike gang represent


Weds night polo is cancelled, so I’m assuming the open forum is cancelled. Just trying to get my head around a couple of things, not having a go at you or anyone else who rides.
What is a “fixed gear association” and why do we need one? Is it something to promote fixed gear riding, or a lobbying group or a union? Is there any tangible benefits ie. insurance?
Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to create a new cycling club as part of Cycling Queensland that would give access to insurance as well as use of facilities such as the velodrome, criterium racing as well as funding government recognition?
If you want to have a legitimate association, wouldn’t the charter members have to obey road rules such as riding with a brake (there have been a number of fines handed out already).
Creating a association may also create further alienation in a demographic that is already largely segregated. One of the reasons I started riding fixed was because of the simplicity, why complicate things?
As I said at the beginning, not having a go at you, just trying to understand where you are coming from. It might be a good idea, but I think a little more research and justification needs to go into it.

+1 jamie
… just pointing it out, but shrly counts as some sort of demi-official ‘association’?
use the force forum

I agree with part of what you are saying Jamie, and many of the things you have mention are on my list of things to be spoken about at the forum. ?? and the reason for holding a forum outside is because not everyone from the Brisbane community really has lot to do with

i guess after seeing the success off ACMC that was purely organized without the use of and the fact that on the same weekend in brisbane we held a 2 pot screamer with a 1/4 of the people that got shut down by the police because they regularly check this forum.

The use of an association would allow us to run the event’s we want to run. i.e. Polo national’s and ACMC next year without having every participant scared of being sued. Being corp association mean’s that for those of us that own then own houses there not going to be able to take them away. all they can take is what is in out bank account.

Have an official association would allow us to fund raise and approach larger organizations for use to premises or even work with local council in a better capacity.

Being an association would allow there to be more of us to share the workload of organization of event’s instead of it always falling on a few. We have had 1 wednesday night polo out of 5 because of rain and even that one there was only 4 of us that stayed in the rain to pull light’s down. With an association we might have a little more pulling power to be able to get us a better venue.

like i said this is only an idea. i Have done a little research and are still looking at things. The topic is The need for a fixed gear association? (note the question mark?) The best way to get the clear decision is to hold a open forum and allow those who want to talk to talk and holding to for those who actually participate not just lurk a forum.

Dear all, get off the fucking internet is you want to talk about organizing shit in brisbane. its not the place to do so. regards, gyp

Or, have a forum that is members only, and you need to get a password in person from an organizer like shane or gyppo or the like, so it’s proper private for members only

It is Aus Cycle Messenger Champs, not Aus fixed gear rider champs. Leave it to us messengers both past and present to work this out. We are going to have open ‘events’ for the locals so dont stress.

From a legal perspective shaneohh, a number of incorrect or incomplete assumptions have been made - an association as you speak of isn’t afforded personal capacity such as an incorporated entity. Accordingly, liability issues may still arise. Happy to discuss if required.

again keep it off the forums.

echo… echo… echo


but i heart the internet.

just a question - but why the ‘keep it off the forums’ attitude? just wondering…

Brisbane riders are not just on this forum.

Discussion of future events/bike gangs etc should be done outside the forum to avoid a Two Pot Screamer/Global Gutz like turnout by you know who.

oh right. trying to avoid the ‘uh-oh po-po’ moment.
well whatevs,
start a bike club*. sounds dick to call it an association. sounds a bit fascist.

*there must be hats, it’s all about the hats. and beer.

:smiley: Good to see we are on the same page.

CQ takeover. Or none at all.

The request was for a forum to be held for people to get together! it appears that Brisbane is run by a few who would rather take on all the work and so things are run there way then share the workload and have better event’s and more of them.

hold the forum or don’t. I’ve pretty much given up trying to help you.

ohshane, to be fair, no one was really having a go at your ideas at all. most of the posts were anti-forum because i asked why the forum wasn’t used for meetups etc as much as it is elsewhere.

don’t be a dick. no one was having a go. jamie wrote a pretty reasoned reply to your OP and had i not have asked about the forum/interwebz the thread would look differently. to be fair, most of the comments were against what i was blah-ing about.

what did i say about unconditional love for people on the forum? aka, forum love? c’mon now… just go and play some polo or ride your bike or something. that’s what it is about anyway.

shane, c’mon dude, plenty of good stuff was happened here in brisbane long time before you were riding, and “the few” ?? afaik most events and alleycats are organised by different people, myself, erik, gypo, antman, harry, marty, kim, kristine and plenty of others who are no longer with us(RIP) or no longer here. If people want to hold an event they are more than welcome to, and dont need the approval of a “committie” to be able to. like i have said previously, with a VERY small exception, the bris “scene” or “crew” is BY FAR the most inviting and non intimidating in aus, so if people dont have the balls to come be a part of it as it is, well its their loss, we’re (mostly) adults and can make up our own minds/dont need to be forced/told what to do by a “committie”

^+1, very inviting and non-judgy bunch of fixie skidders in brisbane.