The new bike

New built, 53cm scrambler v3. Pretty basic setup, alex rims, eightinch cranks, headset and seat post. These photos were taken straight after it was built, some things have been adjusted.

As mentioned in other posts, for the dollars spent the frame/fork is good value. I’m really happy with the end result, bike rides nicely! Thanks again to Gear Brisbane for the help.

Sorry for the crap pictures, they are straight off the iphone

not too keen on that fork. Is that the stock one that comes with a frame/fork combo?

Yeah its the stock fork. At first I wasn’t too keen on it either, might look at swapping it out eventually.

Fork is cool…

What brake caliper are you running? It seems my shimano 600 are to long :frowning:

scrambler v3 looks good compared to the first models they put out, nice work