the new black, again

nothing to do with anything fixed at all. hooray for fashion :?

Do the bikes now have ownership of the word ‘fixed’?

I’m sure there are a million things out there using the word fixed that have nothing to do with fixed gear bikes. What’s the problem?

quit reading 3000 alex.

None of those million things are on that website, c/d?

I am afraid that I do not know what ‘c/d’ means.

heheh hooray for innarnet detectives.


yeah point taken


Oh my god thank you so much. I have been really stressed out about this all afternoon.

So it means Carried Down! Excellent!

Now, can anyone tell me what this one means? WGAF?

Or how about this one. TYAAFL.

Obviously it means Cat Diet.

Can you DIG IT?”

c/d = Confirm/Deny
WGAF = Who gives a fuck
TYAAFL = Someone was playing you. It isn’t in Urban Dictionary are therefore doesn’t exist.