The New Rules.


Wertdafuq that is just one brilliant example of how to be a dick publicly, what awesome font to cover up his typo’s and seriously was he meaning to put his trashy rules with over a photo with ‘non posers’ aka Freds, who IMO are same level in the picking order.
I’d prefer to not select my biggest gear and mash past a poser but just sit behind and grab a free draft until I can’t bare the drop in pace any longer.

uhhhhhhhhhh, it’s just for the lolz Tristan…

Pretty sure Gary The Hubbard is Alex Bates aka alexb618.

that’s the word on the street.



Dumb as shit

Oh Gary,
Daynes rule #6 is if passing some one whilst climbing always shift down to the cassette just to show it’s too easy and you are stronger, also drop a yawn like you’re tired or bored.

And not many lolz at that.

it’s BNA distilled into a jpg.

Rule 5 for the win!
So this numty is serious??

What do you think?

pissing myself coz true !!

A1+ jpg, would lol again

you’re better than this, H.

I’m still confused. What is this??

trollz gonna troll
lolez gonna lol :stuck_out_tongue:

it is a joke on the internet poking fun at hubbards by using hubbard vernacular.

or casually check your phone