The 'Patches' Thread

Had been thinking about having patches made for YEARS! Finally got our shit together and ordered 100 ‘Bottles and Chains’ iron-on patches and they are SWEET! Anyone else have patches whipped up for their club/gang/event/business? Keen to see 'em!


Also keen for swaps if you’ve some tight patches out there.

Benny #BottlesandChainsRacingDivision

waits for BOgear patches to be posted

I eyeballed the rad Queensland CX patches today, so much goodness right there…

…also recently eyeballed some prototype badges for an event in Woodend…

Was about to post the QLDCX ones… good dudes, backed hard.

I just met with Tim (and Damo) about that little event in woodend. If I’d known i’d have asked about the patch…

We made a bunch of DDCX ones a few years back (screen printed in bulk) and I think I still have some HellKrew (semi-RIP) ones.

I’ll dig through my growing collection and get some shots… also my partner just got a couple from a ceramics podcast she listens too that are amazing.

I did these up for Dave at BO Gear… still available if you interested :slight_smile: Here

My most prized patch

^ I saw that on a girl’s backpack a few days ago.

My favourite, it’s a bit of a rarity.

how the fuck did you do 131km in under 3 hours??? Motor pacing down a bloody long hill?

Not me, someone who did a GF in 2014 did that, and NFI how they did it.

I’m just one of the 9 people in the world who did all 12 GF’s that year, and we all got the patch sent to us from Strava.

Nevertheless, great work Geoff.

A 753Km GF is pretty damn impressive too.

How my friends are rad…

Can you please elaborate what you actually had to do Geoff? Me no understandy, but want to be impressed!

Step 1. Entered each monthly Grand Fondo challenge that Strava had in 2014
Step 2. Completed the required ride/distance for each of the Grand Fondos.
Step 3. Receive email from Strava in Jan 2015 asking for postal address.

Step 4. Package turns up in the mail with ^ card and patch.
Step 5. Number crunch the data provided on said card to work out what 0.007% finished all 12 meant in actual numbers (i.e. 9 people out of 135,022)

I know of one other person here in Brisbane who also did all 12.

Didn’t bother in 2015 and found it affected my racing so started doing them again in 2016 (cocked it up due to broken collarbone) as I find doing those longer rides gets me out of the house and provides me with a greater level of endurance.

I made a patch from the sydney wednesday night ride caps that Lewis got done. Will be purchasing a SSWC patch.

Good effort Geoff, dont know how you found the time with the little one :slight_smile:

I only managed 1 ride >100km last yr, and that was when I was on holidays over Christmas

Sweet ‘Bottles and Chains’ patch RCOH! I’ve Hobart artist Josh Pringle ( drawing up a new ‘Bottles and Chains Racing Division’ logo for our next run of team kit. Highly likely it’ll be turned into a patch as well.

yeah some dude in Tassie sent it to me last week! :stuck_out_tongue: