The perth thread

Time to look up at stars and get deep. A place for discussions that are a little out of the ordinary and trying to solve those hard to answer questions that there really aren’t any answers for.

An example last night that I asked Rolly. If I am from Canberra - I am Canberran. From Sydney - A Sydney sider. From Melbourne - a Melbournian. But why on earth are people from Perth called Sand gropers? It makes no sense, it doesn’t obviously say that they are from Perth.

Also, this one may be a bit hard to answer, but I just asked a work colleague after watching a movie about racist people that clearly points out that people are racist to each other based on appearance which led me to think - Can blind people be racist?

Dunno, but how do blind people know when to stop wiping?

I’d say a blind person would be more ‘accentist’… As all they could go on would be the accent of someone???

Surely Sandgroper is slang though? Like ‘crow eaters’ etc


A la Bananabender.

I’m guessing the correct term for a Perthian is Perthite.

Sandgroper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

this refers to ppl from WA actually.

I also jokingly suggested ‘Perthonality’.

fuck knows what version Perth ppl are meant to get.

For some reason they drop the ‘o’.


Alright - new topic, that one sucked.

If you could live in any era in the past. What would it be and why?

Actually, we are called Perthfectionists

perthonalities are perth celebrities.

Kinda done here:

Coincidentally, the same number of roads a man must walk down.

That was 7.

Rhetorical ey?




I would go back about 20 minutes ago and not post up something that I have already posted before.

my friend’s a perthonality. she’s in the STM all the time.

in perth, its kewl to be from the western suburbs. that’s gotta be like the only place ever where thats the case.

ps im turning this into a perth thread.


Can you hold my perth?